• KB booklaunch : : How Would You Like to Get Lampooned, My Lord?
  • KABK booklaunch : : How Would You Like to Get Lampooned, My Lord?
  • User Centered Work Spaces : : Haagse Bakkies
    Haagse Bakkies (Hague less than half filled cup of coffee) is another installation by the Open Digital Libraries under the name «user centered work spaces». This time curated by Huibert Crijns, Dirk Huijsmans and Jessica Wevers of KB National Library. […]
  • Gestures of exploration : : Strolling & Scrolling
    How do artists relate to digital archives of historical library documents? How do artworks based on these archives reflect the specific essence of these documents? For the ONB Labs Web Residency 2022 two artists engaged with two selected digital collections. […]
    Alba Amicorum [2022] A cooperation of the National Library of the Netherlands [KB] and the Royal Academy of Art [KABK], The Hague. 16 second year students of the Interactive / Media / Design [IMD] department developed interactive spatial experiences for […]
  • From digital archives to artworks
    The second ONB Labs Web Residency ran from April 2022 until the end of June. Two residents engaged with historical materials in two very different formats. Both will be presented in the ONB Labs Artspace in September 2022. In April […]
  • Springtime is the right time for exchange
    In May ODL project teams gathered in Vienna for a workshop Finally, after a long pandemic the teams gathered on site in Vienna. On the 17th and 18th of May, ODL team members from the KB and the Estonian National […]
  • Quattuor amicis
    On Monday, May 23, the interactive exhibition «Quattuor amicis» opened in which the KB alba amicorum collection takes center stage. The temporary exhibition is a collaborative project between the KB and the KABK (Royal Academy of Art). Creative makers from […]
  • Exposition «Quattuor amicis»
  • ONB Labs Web Residency 2022
    Call for ONB Labs Web Residency 2022. Deadline for submissions is 19. 04. 2022. ONB Labs is pleased to announce our Web Residency programme 2022. The programme is part of the Open Digital Library project and funded by the European […]
  • KABK Interactive/Media/Design
    A sneak peek into the process of making an exposition for the KB Atelier The students of IMD are divided in 4 groups: each group will make a prototype according to the assignment (the alba amicorum collection of the KB). […]
  • Books Make Friends – The National Library of The Netherlands kicks off a second collaboration with KABK
    On Monday, 21 February 2022, students from the Master Non Linear Narrative and the Bachelor Interactive / Media / Design departments of the Royal Academy of Art visited the National Library of The Netherlands (Koninklijke Bibliotheek). This day we organized a kick-off for a […]
  • Friends from the past, alba amicorum [2021/2022]
    A collaboration between the National Library of the Netherlands (KB) and the Royal Academy of Art (KAKB), The Hague. 15 graduating students of the Interior Architecture and Furniture Design department developed interactive spatial experiences for the visitors of the KB […]
  • Friend from the past – Poster
    This poster is one of the deliverables of the project with the IAFD students. All 5 projects are summarized in this poster. Credits for the production of this leaflet goes to: Tariq Heijboer & Anne van den Dool, commissioned by […]
  • Roots
    The «Roots» concept envisions that the digital collection actually overgrows the physical books and furniture in the library. A library visitor can easily bump into data from the growing digital collection and become inspired in the same way as if […]
  • Haagse Bakjes
    The «Haagse Bakjes» concept exposes a fundamental role of the library. That of being a neutral space where all opinions and viewpoints are archived, but readily available. Situated near the coffee machine the concept highlights one topic, but offers an […]
  • Reflect
    The Reflect concept envisions the facade of the library building to attract people passing by through light and sound. Once the attention is caught visitors can interact and investigate data from the digital collection by moving their body. Student team: […]
  • KY – O – MI
    The KY-O-MI concept makes it possible for the library to expose their digital collection at a satellite location. For example, at the train station or during an event at a university. The inflatable installation creates two access point to the […]
  • MEMO
    The MEMO concept aims to attract interest for the library through examples. A visitor can pick up an audio playback shell at the entrance and walk through the library tuning in to several stories as told by the voices of […]
  • First results of the KABK students in the ODL project
    The first collaborative project with students from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) has been successfully completed. This collaboration, part of the Open Digital Libraries project, revolves around making the KB collection more visible and findable. The first […]
  • Secret Garden
    KABK-IAFD «Secret Garden» By – Joshua Holetz, Louise Spisser, Deandra Jauw, Youbin Kang, Victor de Groot The women albums at that time have some interesting qualities. First, these albums are made in very intimate contexts: the albums remain in the […]
  • Resurrection
    KABK-IAFD «Resurrection» By – Chloe Snoeks, Hyemi Lee, Sarang Han, Yunjia Zhou The project stemmed from our distinct experiences and interpretations of the Alba Amicorum. We saw the Alba as a medium for time travel to network with the people […]
  • See vs. Know
    KAKB – IAFD «See vs. Know» By – Jaiho Park, Hilde Fledderman
  • Back to the present
    KABK – IAFD «Back to the present» By – Cynthia Bruinsma, Chen Jia, Mik Bakker Images and drawings shown in diverse Alba Amicorum are translated into a series of films, were we grasp the historical symbolism and interpret it into […]
  • Digging in the Archive
    KABK – IAFD «Digging in the Archive» By – Zhao Zhou This project brings objects from existing Alba Amicorum’s to the present. Making research more physical again, reintroducing knowledge sharing and a more intuitive research method within the context of […]
    Alba Amicorum How can we display the digital book? How can we discern the experiences and the essence of its content to make it a more present-day source of inspiration? National Library of The Netherlands (KB) would like to show […]
  • User-centered Workspaces
    A collaboration between KB, the national library of the Netherlands and TU Delft. Our libraries are cultural jewels which serve as homes for the works of artists and creators, poets and illustrators. Vast archives of analog works are being migrated […]
  • ONB’s Virtual Artspace
    ONB’s Library Labs present Virtual Artspace Within the frame of the Web Residency 2021 (see previous post), the ONB Labs Artspace was developed, an online platform for the presentation of the work created in the course of the Web Residency. […]
  • Baltic Summer School of Digital Humanities 2021
    Digital Methods in Humanities and Social Sciences The Baltic Summer School of Digital Humanities 2021: «Digital Methods in Humanities and Social Sciences» took place on 23-26 August 2021. It was organised in cooperation with the National Library of Estonia and […]
  • International Summer School of Digital Humanities
    On Aug 23-26, as part of the activities in the Open Digital Libraries project, the National Library of Estonia, in collaboration with Centre for Digital Humanities and Information Society at University of Tartu, is organizing a summer school for graduate […]
  • Web Residency at Austrian National Library
    From the 12th of April until the 9th of May the Austrian National Library’s Labs launched a Web Residency for creative engagement with their digital datasets. The awarded artwork will be presented in the frame of a virtual Artspace. How […]