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  • WDPD2023 parody «De Bennies, Everlasting»
    To strengthen mutual ties, show our love for our job and have fun together, employees of the KB National Library of the Netherlands (KB) and the National Archives of the […]
  • Open Digital Libraries poster
    This poster is the final poster deliverable of the ODL-project. It sums up all we did during the project and when stapled together with all the other posters we made […]
  • Best WLIC IFLA Poster
    At the World Library and Information Congress of the IFLA ODL (21-25 August 2023) participated in the competition for the best poster about an interesting project or in an area […]
  • LIBER 2023 Library Innovation Award
    The Innovation Award recognises the three abstracts submitted to the LIBER Annual Conference which best describe innovative work within the overall theme of the event; «Open and Trusted: Reassessing Research […]
  • ODL Toolbox live
    To make our experiences in the field of digital collections tangible in cooperation with industrial design and art academy students and to share how to set up a virtual lab, […]

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