KY – O – MI

The KY-O-MI concept makes it possible for the library to expose their digital collection at a satellite location. For example, at the train station or during an event at a university. The inflatable installation creates two access point to the digital collection of the library to allow data exploration in a social setting.

Student team: Dorrit Huijskes, Eva Jonkers, Gloria Orcan, Kenwyn Hoefnagel, Loes de Vries, Vivian Nguyen

Interactive Environments minor edition 2021-2022

In the 2021-2022 edition of the Interactive Environments minor they collaborated with the KB National Library to develop 5 concepts as an answer to the following design brief. Traditionally, libraries are strongholds for people who enjoy consuming tangible content. However nowadays, more and more content is being published digitally and analogue collections are being digitalised. And thus, the question arises: how can libraries adapt and thrive in the future, while also bridging the gap between their physical and digital collections and spaces?