Alba Amicorum

How can we display the digital book? How can we discern the experiences and the essence of its content to make it a more present-day source of inspiration?

National Library of The Netherlands (KB) would like to show the young audience that its collection can stimulate the emergence of new types of contemporary (social, cultural, artistic) interactions offline and online.

The collaboration between the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) and KB national library in the context of the EU project Open Digital Libraries (ODL), will use the specific set of the so-called ‘friendship books’, alba amicorum as a casus to develop a set of interventions that could bring the library a step closer to a method for making digitized (and also physical) collection easier to access and more attractive to its users.

This project is coördinated by Rianne Koning (KB). The artistic and design experiments conducted by the 16 graduating students of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design and led by the team of lecturers consisting of architect Lada Hršak and interaction designer Pawel Pokutycki aim at the development of creative works that contribute to the discoverability and exploitation of the collection. Their learnings will provide valuable knowledge, a ‘food for thought’ in a process of redesigning library facilities and services in the future.

Kick-off project at KB

A physical place, KB Atelier will be provided for experimentations and presentations. The students can explore the possibilties of e.g. VR, AR and mixed reality solutions, data visualizations, and other media to be integrated into the spatial, physical context of the library as well as virtually, online.

Olaf Janssen [online]
Jeroen Vandommele
Jeroen Vandommele
Rianne Koning
Jessica Wevers
Jessica Wevers