Best WLIC IFLA Poster

At the World Library and Information Congress of the IFLA ODL (21-25 August 2023) participated in the competition for the best poster about an interesting project or in an area of work to be discussed with or shown to other congress attendees.

We did not participate with just a poster but with a quick guide to get you enthusiastic to start your own collaboration with creative students and artists.

Three years ago the national libraries of Estonia, Austria and the Netherlands started rethinking their position in the digital age. And decided that to move forward we needed to make the digital tangible again.

Create immersive experiences through creative installations and exhibitions by collaborating with these new target groups.

We put out calls for web-residencies, stepped into the curriculum of an art academy and a technical university and we traveled through Europe to find the lessons learned on how to build a virtual lab.

All these separate projects eventually created this big innovating energy that’s in its final form a representation of what collaboration can create.

Show the creative industry your (digitized) collection and they will give you new stories in many beautiful different forms, from augmented reality, to reflecting walls and satellite blow-ups. In the end its all about the stories behind the library collections and thanks to this experience we found new ways to tell them.