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  • ONB Labs Art Program: Exploring the Artworks
    Throughout the ONB Labs Art Program program, four artists—Lisa Puchner, Katharina Birkmann, Miguel Rangil, and Valentina Rodríguez Morales—harnessed the resources of the ONBs digital collections, such as the AKON archive, […]
  • Building knowledge in a local library domain
    The project ODL fosters creative engagement with digital library collections by means of artistic experiments. The National Libraries of the Netherlands and Austria ran a series of artistic experiments with […]
  • Exploration & Exchange – The ONB Labs Art Program Finissage
    The ONB Labs Art Program 2022/2023 was ONB’s third artistic experiment to foster creative use of digital library collections. Four art students created four browser based digital artworks. For the […]
  • Reimagining Archives: The ONB Labs Art Program
    The ONB Labs Art Program was ONB’s third and most extensive artistic experiment for the ODL project. We invited four art students to engage creatively with our digital collections. Take […]
  • Books make friends – poster
    This poster is one of the deliverables of the project with the NLN master students. All 10 projects are summarized in this poster. Credits for the production of this leaflet […]

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